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alley vegan shoe – MooShoes


inside_store.jpgThis practical yet handsome women’s vegan shoe is sold by MooShoes, the first cruelty-free footwear and accessories store in NYC. The vegan owned MooShoes retail store is located @ 152 Allen Street on the lower East Side of Manhattan.

The Alley shoe comes in chocolate brown with contrasting cream stitching. I like this fresh take on the classic maryjane of yester-year.
$95 @
MooShoes insists that one cannot have fashion without compassion.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sing Along Earth Songs: Tunes Kids Won’t – and Shouldn’t – Forget

SesameVideo.jpgFor parents who still have VHS players, Grover of Sesame Street can help teach your kids about conservation during a hike in Monster State Park. He taught me! I was seven when Sing Along Earth Songs (link here) was released, and nearly fifteen years later I still hear a faint voice singing, “she wasted water” if ever I am tempted to leave the faucet running while washing dishes. From this home video was born my compulsion to chase after any piece of trash I drop on a windy day. I can still see poor Kermit, Doctor of Amphibious Letters, sitting in a polluted lake, and trust me, I do not want to contribute to his plight.

This 30 minute video includes the following songs and singers:

  • Every Bit a’ Litter Hurts, by Lillian
  • Just Throw It My Way, by Oscar the Grouch
  • Air, by Bip Bippadotta
  • Water Pollution, by Willie Wimple
  • sesame_lake.jpgOn My Pond, by Kermit the Frog and three backup fish
  • Box City Recycling Rap, by the Kids
  • Oscar’s Junk Band, by Oscar the Grouch and (you guessed it) his Junk Band
  • Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons, by Bert and some Muppet Pigeons
  • sesame_water.jpgThe Wasteroon Song, by Three Water Drops
  • What a Gift, by Big Bird

The VHS is available used @, starting at only $5.95.
The album “We Are All Earthlings” also includes some of these songs.

And for info on more green Muppet media, see

Kids will always sing – why not get them singing about the environment?

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sunday’s mixed bag of green news


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