As of right now, Poppy Organic claims to be the first and only organic skincare brand to include birch bark extract in their ingredient mix. Why is this important, or useful, or exciting? For the fair skin-types, like myself, who have to be extra careful in the sun, BBE (birch bark extract) might “prevent and help to treat UV-induced skin cancer.” I know just from looking in the mirror that the sun has caused some damage to my skin, so I’m about to take a closer look at this unique line of skincare.

OK, so I like the philosophy of the company, and their commitment to the environment. Now, what about the fine print? Let’s take a peek at the product ingredients for their cream for sun-damaged skin. There’s one ingredient, a preservative, phenoxyethanol that seems a bit suspect. According the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep study (a great resource for skincare ingredients), over 4000 products contain this preservative, and it’s rated a 1 or 2 (very low risk) on EWG’s safety scale.

If you’re already familiar with poppy organic, let me know whatchyathink. I’ve always loved birch trees; it would be so cool if this beautiful bark actually helped to save my hide:)

find more info @ poppyorganic.co.uk/

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