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Windspire: Propeller-Free Wind Power

windspire_web2_1.jpg Mariah Power has created a beautiful, tower-like wind power appliance: the Windspire. This propeller free design rises 30 feet into the air and is just 2 feet wide. Rotating at the speed of wind, it is quiet and safe for avian life, so there is no need to take down your bird-feeders. You can expect this 1 kw Windspire to produce 1,900 kw hrs annually if winds average 12 mph. Producers promise easy, DIY installation and low maintenance. Their website includes a calculator for determining how fast your Windspire will spin.

Windspires are expected to be available this fall. Reserve your own @

Price: $3,995

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Friday, August 31, 2007

friday’s mixed bag of green news


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organic cotton hooded blanket – Kate Quinn Organics


Babies and kids get all the best stuff. This 100% Certified Organic Cotton Velour Hooded Blanket is velvety soft and available in blackberry with persimmon trim.

I think I’ll get one for my mother-in-law.

$42.00 @

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