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Thursday, August 30, 2007


thursday’s mixed bag of green news


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bamboo CERTAINTEES – fit to a perfect tee


Wonderfully comfortable, smartly designed and ethically made, CERTAINTEES is a tee shirt collection that embodies earth-friendly, socially responsible ideas and actions.

“Wearable Wisdom” for today’s enlightened consumer was originally conceived by Chicago-based artist, Lee Tracy in 2005. Lee’s artwork is thoughtfully related by theme: Energy, Food, Freedom, Nature, Peace and Women. And each design series threads to the non-profits that she is inspired by and supports.

CERTAINTEES’ new 70% renewable bamboo and 30% organic cotton blend has just the right consistency of a perfect tee. You’ll love bamboo’s antimicrobial and antibacterial (odor free) qualities, as well as CERTAINTEES naturally soft (no silicone softener/lycra/spandex) fabrication.

Each purchase even includes a free green gift — a cool reuseable tote. And each hang tag cleverly hangs from a hemp cord, which doubles as a bookmark.

Their carbon footprint is offset via and they make charitable donations to several environmentally aware non profit organizations.

For more facts on 100% sustainable and biodegradable bamboo, and CERTAINTEES deep-rooted commitment to Mother Earth, simply click HERE.

Enjoy shopping for Lee’s super-eco-conscious, stylish tees online @

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wednesday’s mixed bag of green news


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Home-baked energy courtesy of Matisse and Jack’s TrailBlaze

Ask anyone who knows me, and “trail blazer” is not a term one would apply to me. “Unconventional?” Perhaps. “Bookish?” Certainly. And despite the fact that I TrailBlaze.jpgdo claim bragging rights for having hiked to the summit of Mt. Washington (elev. 6,288 ft.) and for having made a daring midnight escape from the summit of Mt. Chocorua (elev. 3,500 ft.) during an electrical storm, I do not consider myself outdoorsy by any stretch. Trail-blazing I leave to my husband, and well, baking, he leaves to me.

Happily I recently discovered a delicious marriage of both in Matisse & Jack’s TrailBlaze Bake-at-Home Oatmeal Energy Bars. No crinkly foil wrappers, bland flavors or cardboard texture for these unusual bars. Instead, the smell of cranberries and walnuts filled my kitchen during baking and the 5 minutes it took me to mix applesauce and yogurt with the all-natural ingredients and get the batter into the pan were well spent for someone who rarely has the energy to bake let alone blaze. I wonder if the simplicity of making these bars is really where all the energy comes from.

Thanks to the whole oats and flax seed inside, TrailBlaze bars are a good source of fiber, protein and Omega-3s not to mention calcium and iron. And the only things they’ve managed to leave out are the trans fats and preservatives. Most importantly, they are kid-approved in my house, so packing up a batch and sending them out with my husband, the dog and the kids to explore uncharted territories (while I stay at home with a book) should be energy-saving indeed!

Learn more @

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

solar beach tote – packup and plug-in

We have finally found a product that combines both our fetish for re-usable bags and all things solar-powered. This solar beach bag from Reware Solarsistem let’s you plug-in and charge small electronic devices while transporting all your essential suntan products and snacks to the beach or lakeside.

Some features:

  • charges a wide variety of small electronic from cell phones to mp3 players
  • heavy duty cotton webbing handles
  • large roomy inside pocket
  • gadget pocket for holding your phone or camera
  • natural cotton “duck canvas” frame
  • removable interior bottom support
  • rugged Cordura® nylon cover for a water-resistant bottom
  • each Juice Bag comes with a universal CLA/Car charger female socket

jb_tote_plug.jpgThe Reware SolarSistem allows you to remove your solar panel for use separately from the bag, or to allow you to clean your tote.

So be the envy of all your greenish friends and techno geeks with the ultimate in re-usable bag utility.

on sale now for $199.99 @ the

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