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Dwell on Design Special Event, Sept 14-16


Building Community in the Modern World is the umbrella theme of this year’s conference in San Francisco which is schedule to take place Sept. 14 -16. If you’re in or around the SF area during these dates, and interested in eco products and services for your dwelling, be sure to check out this exciting conference and exhibition. And of course, keep us posted! I’d especially be interested in the pre-fab news.
visit for more details and registration info.

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Saturday, September 1, 2007

solar powered – soji lantern

The next time you’re entertaining your pack of miscreants and eco-cronies create some atmosphere around your deck or pool area with these cordless solar lanterns. These snazzy Soji Lanterns are available in four vibrant colors and can be hung or used as a tabletop adornment.

soji_green_1.jpgA solar panel collects energy from sunlight and charges a ‘AAA’ battery, when day turns to dusk a photo sensor automatically turns on the lantern. The Soji Lantern is designed to glow for several hours and then recharge itself the next day. Each Soji Lantern is 10” in diameter and is constructed of nylon for year round use.

$17.99 each @

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Knitting Zines in D.I.Y. Culture

Pronounced like “magazine” without the “maga,” a zine is a DIY underground publication, often made with little more than scissors, glue, and a copy machine. Thomas Paine created an early one when he distributed Common Sense in 1776 for 2 knitzine2.jpgknitzine2.jpgshillings. Sci-fi fan zines started in the 1930s, followed by punk zines in 1970s, and Riot Grrrl zines from 1991 on. Usually sold for a buck or two to cover printing costs, zines are a great alternative-media for activists of all sorts, including green activists.
This post focuses on zines for knitters. Here are a few places to start:

Learn how to make your own yarn with Spin-Spin. Price: $4 @

KnitSlave.jpgSlave to the Needles #3 “gives a cultural forum to read about other people (some might say obsessed) with sewing, knitting, and crafting!” Price: $3 @

Knit-Knit #7 is a newspaper-style zine with patterns and articles, including one on political sweaters.

Lurpl # 15 is a craft and art inspiration zine that includes a project for knit pouches. Send $10 to Lee Peterson, 6500 – 25th Ave. NE #204, Seattle, WA 98115, or email @

What I love most about zines is that anyone can make them, they are tons of fun, and no one can tell you that your voice isn’t media-savvy enough worth hearing. More on eco zines coming soon!

Editor’s Note: Labor Day Weekend only – in NYC – “What Women Do While Men Sit Knitting” – It’s Free and It Floats – via The NY Times.

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saturday’s mixed bag of green news


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