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eco license plates aid conservation

I saw the above license plate on an overcast day at Mission Beach last week. Despite the gloom, parking was still sparse. How wonderful, I thought, that this vehicle proclaimed every beach goer’s shared love for the ocean. These California Whale Tale License Plates, sponsored by the California Coastal Commission and Ecoplates, are beautiful banners that fund conservation for one of our most valuable and fragile resources. Profits from this plate contribute to Coastal Cleanup Day, the Adopt-a-Beach program, the Whale Tail Grants program, resources for educators, and habitat restoration programs.

Ecoplates also offers a scenic plate picturing Lake Tahoe, developed by the Tahoe Conservancy.

California plates available @
Price: $50 registration fee, $40 annual renewal fee.
Personalized plates: $90 for first year, $70 renewal fee.

For those outside of California, your car can still wear its license with pride. Florida offers plates to save manatees, sea turtles, and coral reefs @

Virginia’s Surfrider Foundation has developed its own unique state plates.

South Carolina plates are on a mission to rescue the loggerhead sea turtle.

And that’s just the beginning! Contact your local DMV and ask about eco-conservation plates. Even if you don’t own a hybrid, you can still drive with a conscience.

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

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