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Independence Energy Homes

If you’re considering building an energy efficient or zero energy home, Boston-based, Independence Energy Homes, an architectural design firm specializing in green, energy-efficient homes may be an answer to your dreams.

p_brevard_1.jpgIEH’s team of architectural, engineering, and financial consultants work together to design the most cost-effective, energy efficient home based upon a customer’s style and budget specifications. They explain design decisions from engineering, architecture, and cost/benefit standpoints. Additionally, throughout the design process clients receive 3D images of their home to help visualize the choices they are making.

IEH designs homes nationwide and helps with local zoning and building code issues, financing and they will interview prospective builders to offer an opinion on their competence and capabilities.

p_proto_1.jpgThe bottom line is they can design an energy efficient or zero energy home that works for you in your climate area, utilizes the latest green and energy efficient technologies, and is designed to your own personal tastes. Nice.

check out their faq @

They also work with developers on larger scale projects.

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Monday, September 3, 2007

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