6039hflg_1.jpgWinter’s coming and home heating costs are skyrocketing as oil and gas companies ratchet-up prices for another profitable season. One way to save significant money on your home heating bills is to install a pellet stove that burns pellets made from compacted sawdust, woodchips, bark, corn or other biomass materials, which are almost completely, and very efficiently, burned with this technology. Pellet stoves are typically used to heat one room of 1,000 to 1,800 square feet and pellets can sell (Sam’s Club) for as little as $187 a ton. A typical home will burn approximately 3 tons of pellets a winter (source: smartmoney.com). Supplementing your standard oil or electric heating system with a pellet stove can save you significant cash over the course of a cold winter.

The Europeans are way out in front of the US in the pellet stove market but there are American alternatives. The Hearth Focus, pictured above, is the top of the line in US Stove’s alternative heating appliances. This model features:

  • high temperature powder coat paint
  • stainless steel hearth plate and trim
  • digital control board with built-in diagnostics
  • cast iron queen ann legs
  • 21 preset variables that are adjustable for fuels of the future

Along with its high-efficicency, the Hearth Focus is EPA-Certified to set itself apart from the rest. Heat Capacity 1,300 sq. with a 60 lbs. hopper capacity (52,300 btu’s/ hr.). Dimensions: 29″ W x 31″ H x 28″ D. Weight 309 lbs.

Sold only at dealers for $2,485 – find a dealer
More on this stove @ usstove.com

In Michigan you can get one for $1,900 @ d&m natural

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