There’s typically a lot of science behind “the beauty” in the business of skincare. Six year old Talulah’s Natural Skincare entire line is hand crafted with natural science, and built on a thoughtful approach to product formulations and business practices. Owner Nicole Maust is committed to creating a fresh, effective collection of face & body products made exclusively from organic botanicals, premium essential oils and nourishing plant extracts. 100% phthalate and paraben free. 100% petroleum and synthetic free. Very Pure.

I recently tried Talulah’s Holistic Skincare Kit for Dry and Sensitive Conditions, and was wowed by the products’ potent moisturizing power. Raw Honey Mask, Calendula Cream and Vanilla Bean Cleanser as well as Saffron Body Wash ORG, Aromatic Body Serum BOC, Oma Face Serum No. 2, and Green Tea Leaf Toner — each with a distinctly divine scent. Talulah promises to “refresh, nourish and glow,” and delivers!

This kit contains 7 small-sized items @ $28, a great deal.

The line is packaged cleanly and simply with no-frills labels, and the contents should be used within 3 months of opening.  Note: some items are vegan, all are vegetarian.

Before ordering, check out the Product Guidelines.

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