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ohm XU450 e-bike

Urban commuters wanting to avoid further contributing to their city’s air pollution problems, concerned about working up a pre-work sweat, yet intent on maintaining their transportation independence may want to consider the OHM XU450 electric bike.

The XU450, which may be the ultimate in urban electric bikes, sports a lightweight aluminum frame and a plethora of high performance components:

  • intelligent energy management system and console monitors
  • programmable maximum speed – let’s be careful (and legal) out there
  • Shimano gears (for passing slower moving bike messengers when pedalling)
  • hard stopping front and rear hydraulic brakes (for avoiding cabs and tourists)
  • erogonomic upright seating position and comfort suspension
  • front and rear fenders for wet and soggy urban travel
  • halogen headlight and tail-light to increase your chances of survival
  • grip mounted shift control
  • wider street tires and lockable storage compartment
  • maintenance-free BionX 250W motor / with 450 Watt peak power and re-generative braking to charge the battery
  • Li-ion 38V 9Ah battery with no memory issues – charges in 4 hrs and longer life

Perhaps a little pricey @ $2,875 ( but not when it replaces a car, cab or other carbon producing mode of transport

more from the Vancouver based Ohm @

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Love Your Body – organic + natural eco lubricant?


Is there a particular massage oil that may be the healthiest choice when it comes to an eco erotic enhancer? I’ve checked out some of the so-called natural lubricants, like Good Glide, Good Clean Fun, Sensua Organics and Yes or more Yes here — each one contains some marginally questionable or crummy ingredient, (usually a preservative). So far, Firefly seems to offer the best ingredient mix on the market right now. What’s your favorite safe and effective love potion?

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Green Man Lager: An Organic Brew Comes Stateside

Green_Man.jpgIt’s organic, it’s imported from New Zealand, and it’s beer. Kick off your fall tailgate parties with this green brew, imported to the U.S. through Aladdin Beverages (New York). Dubbed Green Man Lager, the pale, malt-driven ale will hit shelves shortly, joining the ranks of primarily domestic organic beers. Sure to please on Saint Patrick’s Day, as well.

Says one reviewer of the hops, “Lemony, woody flavor with the citrus side lingering. Very smooth.”

Need more reasons to swap a pint of your favorite beverage for Green Man? How about the fact that the beer is brewed with a no-sugar added recipe, and packaged in re-used, sanitized bottles.

To find retail locations, visit

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tuesday’s mixed bag of green news


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