Urban commuters wanting to avoid further contributing to their city’s air pollution problems, concerned about working up a pre-work sweat, yet intent on maintaining their transportation independence may want to consider the OHM XU450 electric bike.

The XU450, which may be the ultimate in urban electric bikes, sports a lightweight aluminum frame and a plethora of high performance components:

  • intelligent energy management system and console monitors
  • programmable maximum speed – let’s be careful (and legal) out there
  • Shimano gears (for passing slower moving bike messengers when pedalling)
  • hard stopping front and rear hydraulic brakes (for avoiding cabs and tourists)
  • erogonomic upright seating position and comfort suspension
  • front and rear fenders for wet and soggy urban travel
  • halogen headlight and tail-light to increase your chances of survival
  • grip mounted shift control
  • wider street tires and lockable storage compartment
  • maintenance-free BionX 250W motor / with 450 Watt peak power and re-generative braking to charge the battery
  • Li-ion 38V 9Ah battery with no memory issues – charges in 4 hrs and longer life

Perhaps a little pricey @ $2,875 (nycewheels.com) but not when it replaces a car, cab or other carbon producing mode of transport

more from the Vancouver based Ohm @ ohmcycles.com

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