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Stop Alaskan Aerial Wolf Hunting

This is not a tourism video. Every year, Alaska sells permits to the not-so-distant cousins of Michael Vick to hunt wolves from planes and helicopters; this is not sport, this is not ethical, this is an inhumane activity that has to be stopped. Alaskans have voted against it and the Feds have outlawed it, yet the big game hunting lobby and special interests (ever seen corrupt Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens in action?) keep this brainless, cruel and unsportsmanlike practice alive, year after year, under the bogus guise of wildlife management. Check out this video for a closer look. Voice your opposition to aerial wolf hunting by sending a message via Defenders of Wildllife.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mag-Wind: A Crowning Achievement for Your Home

windpwr.jpg windpower.jpg

Here’s another vertical, bird-friendly wind turbine to fit your roof like a crown. This 250-pound Mag-Wind has a base of 13 square feet, giving it a low pound-per-square-foot load. With the right equipment, this quiet, magnetically-levitated machine can help you move toward energy independence, provide power during power outages, and will surely contribute to your peace of mind, not to mention air quality. Contact for more info, or for a list of distributors.

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mixed greens


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mini-z LED desk lamp by Koncept

White light, low heat production and low energy consumption in a stylish, ultra-adjustable package. This Mini-Z lamp produces directed white light about as bright as a 30-40 watt incandescent bulb. A single bright white LED puts out about 1 lumen of light, so 40 of them produce about 40 lumens. Most of this is focused in a 40-degree viewing angle, compared to an 30-40 watt incandescent which spreads its 300-500 lumens in all directions, wasting much of the light and energy backwards and sideways.

This lamp is designed to be highly adjustable so you can direct the light wherever you need it. Design efforts have also been focused on ease of adjustment without the need to adjust knobs or tighten screws.

The LEDs used in this lamp won’t suddenly burnout, they utilize technology that lets them sustain at least 50% of light output after 15,000–30,000 operating hours.
available in silver or black for $99.95 @

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