An enlightening journey into the depths of the teenage mind

Hello again, everyone. As I was watching a TV interview with Paris Hilton recently, a thought came to mind. “Not every teen (mentally Paris is a teen) can be this stupid, right?” I immediately got to work to find out. Over the course of the next few weeks, I asked sixteen teens one question: “In your opinion, what is the most important thing that you can do to be eco-friendly?”. These are their answers:

Nina Genatossio – “Unplugging chargers and other simple things to help conserve energy.”

Kelley Devillers – “Saving the rainforest!” (Unfortunately, she had no other word on this)

Courtney Sullivan – “Turning off lights and watching less superfluous TV. Read the news instead of watching it, then recycle the newspaper!”

Morgan Tienhaara – “Common things like recycling. Don’t just throw everything away.”

Liz Baer – “Spread the word!”

Sam Sousa – “Reducing carbon emissions and planting trees. Invest in more efficient ways of transportation”

Lanny DiFranza – “Driving cars with lower gas mileage”

Erika Leahey – “Carpooling, with everyone splitting money for gas. It saves money along with the environment.”

Casey Nordberg – “Using less water, while still being hygienic!”

Maia Valcore – “Replace all of the light bulbs in your home with energy efficient ones.”

Blayc Therkauf – “Don’t heat your house unless it’s needed.”

Lily Harper – “Use a woodstove instead of central heating. It may be more work to load the wood, but it burns calories!”

Harry Apostoleris – “Let the temperature of your house vary. It’s very old-fashioned, but very effective.”

Annie Therkauf – “Turn on lights only when they are necessary and shut them off when you leave the room.”

Corrina Parham – “Do your best to conserve water, even if it means showering less. If you need your every-day shower, try to make it less time. A half-hour shower wastes a ridiculous amount of water.”

Erin O’Donnell – “I use a compost pile. Cutting down consumption and waste is very important.”

As you can see, their answers range from tragically misinformed to truly thought provoking. If I had to choose a favorite, I would say that it is the simple, “Spread the word”. This quote was one of my reasons for writing this article. So, even if you’re not saving the rainforest, take a teen’s advice and do something green for a change!