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Satinjet Maia – a spa shower experience at home

The handheld, Satin Maia showerhead saves water (and energy), filters out chlorine (to save those highlights), massages your face and skin and will allow you to enjoy showering in your home like the spa-loving metrosexual you are. The shower head utilizes an award-winning twin jet design to fracture each normal water droplet creating a spray of 3,000 soothing drops per second.

Methven, New Zealand’s oldest and largest designer and manufacturer of shower heads, faucets and hot water heater valves, marks its debut into the US market with the launch of Satinjet Maia.

Satinjet Maia (they could work on the name) is equipped with a Vitamin C filter which eliminates chlorine and purifies the water before it hits the skin. It’s also environmentally sound – meeting the strictest global water conservation standard by conserving both water and energy. “Removing caustic chlorine from the water with vitamin C helps to keep the skin on your face and body more hydrated, less irritated and less dry and flaky. Hair will be softer, less brittle and the color will remain more true,” according to Dr. Karyn Grossman.

Satinjet Maia will be available exclusively at Barney’s nationwide in October 2007.
SRP $395

(via: ny post, print edition)

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Monday, September 24, 2007

mixed green news


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Vegan Shoes for casual comfort & style


I’m hard on shoes, and love hats, so each season I search high and low for comfort and style, from head to toe. Emphasis on toe, at the moment. Here a couple of cuties that are both down to earth, and perky. Cushy enough for city strutting on hard pavement by day, and cool enough for casual eves. MaryJanes only $42.50, and Black or Brown glamorous flats, $32.95.

Find a complete line of stylish 100% vegan shoes and accessories for kittens and cats @

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