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recycled corrugated carboard ‘Desk55’

desk551.jpg desk552.jpg

Slap your laptop down atop this designer desk constructed of 2.5″ honeycomb shaped corrugated cardboard from NY based, Cardboardesign. The shelf below the desktop can house your resting laptop or all manner of non-essential clutter. The honeycomb cell shape of the cardboard makes for an extremely durable, high-performance, innovative and lightweight natural material.

Honeycomb cardboard, is made from using natural renewable resources… the unique cardboard is manufactured using high percentages of secondary fiber (including old corrugated containers, kraft paper, old newspapers, and even straw), thereby diverting all these materials from the municipal solid waste stream.

The adhesives used for gluing the materials are derived from natural sources. The end result is fully recyclable and ecologically friendly product.
length 48″ – width 28″ – height 31″

$150 @

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Recycled Animation and Mapalopes from

Recycling has never been cooler! is the first animation studio to create both short- and long-form animations from 100% recycled materials. This nonprofit’s design work is “kid friendly, universal and educational”….”We create animations that inform and enthuse audiences around the world about animals, planets, and the environment.”

Order Mapalopes, beautiful envelopes made from recycled maps, starting at $2.70 for a set of 10, and other cool, eco items from their gift shop.

Click here to view a public service announcement they made for

Learn more about them @

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Ergo Organic Baby Carriers Keep Parents and Babies Comfortable


I helped an Ashland, Oregon resident hoist his daughter into this Ergo Organic Baby Carrier earlier this week, and he raved to my sister, who was awkwardly balancing my niece on her hip, about how excellent this baby-backpack is. Organic as the name suggests, and made through Fair Trade and good working conditions, this pack distributes the weight of children up to three years old over a parent’s body to prevent aches and keep you energized – because babies and hiking require enough energy as it is, without their weight holding you back. The baby’s back is properly supported while this durable bag allows you to move with ease, hands-free. More functional than an ordinary sling, this comfortable pack can be worn on the back, front, or side, and is sure to keep you active with your nearby baby safe and happy.

$105 @

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a mixed bag of green news


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