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Envirosax Shopping Bags – 5 pack


Envirosax offers 5 eco-friendly alternative shopping bags in a graphic series of prints in one handy pouch. Lightweight, portable, waterproof and above all, strong, these bags will make both an enviromental and style statement when you step-up to the checkout counter.

Also available are the Monochromatic and Retro Series.

$32.95 @

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Michael Sutherland, 1966 – 2007

A tragic white-water rafting accident on the Nanpanjiang River has taken the life of People’s Hemp founder, and eco pioneer, Michael Sutherland. Michael was a tireless innovator and creative promoter of the commercial uses of hemp. His primary passions were: biking, the environment, China, and working toward the deregulation of hemp in the U.S.

I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Michael a few months ago…

previously on altCon

Hemp – building momentum: an interview with Michael Sutherland

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Rechargeable Batteries – a big deal


If you burn through a ton of AA and AAA batteries in your camera, electronics and toys you should be using recharegeable batteries. You’ll not only save a pile of money but you’ll be doing the environment a world of good by not adding to the tons of carcinogenic batteries we pour into landfills each day.

Pictured above are the Sanyo Eneloop and the UniRoss Hybrio Ni-MH batteries, great options for AA or AAA batteries. These rechargeable batteries are ideal for high drainage devices; due to their low discharge rates, they can be recharged hundreds of times, have a high mAh (number of hours they’ll hold a charge), they charge on most standard and fast chargers designed for Ni-MH batteries, and they’re fully recyclable.

You should be able to get these AA rechargeable batteries for around $10 a four-pack. Get the Hybrio batteries @ thomas distributing and the Sanyo Eneloops @

Newer tech, 2700 mAH, rechargeables will cost you a little more @ or Thomas Distributing (a great battery site) and will last even longer.

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a mixed bag of green news


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