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Tastybaby – organic & homemade, without the mess


This post is via guest blogger, Julia Z. Fenster, of The Lohasian:

It seems that stores are catching up to what moms have known for the last century, organic baby food with wholesome ingredients is simply better for baby than its jarred competitor. The solution, until now, has been a cumbersome and messy process involving steaming fruits and vegetable, freezing them in ice cubes trays and the like, and heating up at meal time. Although home made food is the best alternative, companies are stepping up to provide organic wholesome substitutes for busy parents. One such company is Baltimore based Tastybaby, which makes 100% organic frozen baby food.

The company blast freezes the freshest ingredients at their prime, capturing the ripest flavors and optimal nutrients and then saving them in convenient single serving portions. All the ingredients used are certified organic, farmed and minimally process. The products are segmented into stages of child’s development. Stage 1 features an extra smooth puree with single ingredients (more…)

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Friday, September 28, 2007

komodo hempies – vegan sneaker


This low-top hemp trainer is made of all-natural ingredients. Hemp upper, cotton lining, rubber sole, hemp laces and handcrafted uniqueness.

Komodo footwear from Bali and Kathmandu has been around for sixteen years. Natural materials are employed wherever possible and this footwear is produced using authentic local techniques. Coconut, bamboo, banana plant and hemp textiles are staples of this footwear collection. All finishing is done by many hands and every factory and village is encouraged to push and develop their own natural characteristic style.

in men’s sizes 8 and 11 for £49.95 @ the natural shoe store

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a mixed bag of green news


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