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Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Big Dipper Wax Works Brings Light to Sustainability


Most candles pollute the air with petroleum by-products, adding soot and synthetic scents to your surroundings. But Big Dipper Wax Works has come to the rescue with all-natural bees wax, hand-made candles.

These beautiful handcrafts are naturally aromatic with the smell of honey. Burning them emits negative ions that help clean the air, just as rainfall does. What’s more, because melting temperature is so high, these candles will last longer than your everyday grocery store tea candles.

These luxurious, organic lights will add a welcoming glow to any room.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

a mixed bag of green news


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trick or treat

Like spooky stuff? In honor of this year’s hallowed green, scare us with your take on some tricks or treats. Tricks are, of course, the pseudo/wanna be’s, and Treats are the real thing…
Here’s our short list of Tricks or Treats:

Sting or Bono

Brad Pitt or Ed Begley

Cameron Diaz or Daryl Hannah

Chevy Tahoe Hybrid or Prius

Home Depot or Brooklyn’s Green Depot

L’Oreal or Stella McCartney Organic Skincare

Danny Seo or Mariel Hemingway

corn ethanol or biodiesel

I’m Not a Plastic Bag or

G.W. Bush or Al Gore

EPA or Greenpeace

McDonald’s salads or Whole Foods salad bar

Lime or Grist

Agree, disagree, or add more…drop a comment and we’ll add to the list.


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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

spongetech – a greener car wash and wax

spongetech.jpgSo the Prius is looking a little dingy and could use a little TLC… well, here’s a car grooming product that will help you save water, keep your image buffed and help you avoid those expensive pollution monsters, the carwash.

Spongetech has a one-step sponge washing system that eliminates the need for a bucket of sudsy water or a constantly running hose by including the soap and wax in a reusable sponge that can be used to wash and wax up to 8 cars. An inner matrix holds the specially formulated soap and wax. Get a free ‘Green’ sponge with the purchase of each 3 Pack Sponge Kit from their website.

The sponges are also said to biodegradable.
No info on the eco-friendliness of the soap and wax mixture, but in the car maintenance arena, any bit of green goes a long way.

Spongetech 3 Pack Kit $19.77 @

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retroactif bags – recycled art banner totes


Thankfully, though you may insist on filling these bags with misguided purchases, ugly ducking clothes and fattening foods – these bags will conceal your shopping indiscretions while giving testimony to your affinity for all things fashion-forward and eco-friendly.

Pictured above are two of RetroActif’s most popular bags. The Open tote Salamina ($56), is constructed of PVC banner material, is fully lined and features a large main compartment and a cell phone pocket. The Fashion tote Martinique ($64), combines the Open tote’s features with a more vertical silhouette and curved handle.

afibag.jpgRetroActif can also create from recycled banner materials, branded or event bags for corporations and/or organizations, like the AFI shoulder bags at right.

Note: bag comes in several designs and colorations.

find out more or buy a bag @

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