There’s a lot to be said for planning ahead. You can order your beautiful Christmas tree now from Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live, enjoy it on your deck or terrace this fall, transfer it inside for the holidays, and plant it permanently in your (or a friend’s) yard next spring. Seriously, just point and click.

Oregon’s Noble Vintage Live trees have a tight, self-contained root system and are grown in a unique recipe of pumice, compost, fine and coarse bark. These beauties are 30% lighter than comparably sized, balled and burlap-wrapped trees. According to Joe Sharp, President of Yule Tree Farms, “Our trees are easy to transport and settle in the earth immediately after being planted.”

Check out the lovely varieties of Fir, Spruce, and more @ $109.05; order now and receive free shipping. Let’s be a little nicer and greener this holiday, save the naughty for other things.