We thought we’d add to the growing pile of articles on going green for Halloween – though our tips may have veered out of the mainstream a bit...

  • Enliven your annual Hallowgreen bash and cast off the demon spirit of the Bush administration by conducting your own exorcism of G.W. and his pals while wearing this Al Gore mask.
  • Avoid the enviro-guilt usually associated with burning witches and practioners of Wicken by buying the proper Carbon Offsets well in advance. Use this carbon offset calculator for pricing.
  • If, while trick or treating, you happen upon a dead body, here are some tips for dealing with this ghoulish happenstance.
  • Light-up your Hallowgreen Pagan Festival with this Flesh Arm Solar Light.
  • Grow giant pumpkins of your own from the remains of this year’s jack-o-lantern. Compost Feeding Your Pumpkin
  • Create a real appreciation for a ‘green Halloween’ in those fiendish kids clawing at your door by giving them each a nice assortment of organic veggies in a bio-degradable baggie. Hmmm…good!
  • Every year you fill your lovely neighbors trees with toilet paper. This year, do it green with 100% recycled toilet tissue from Seventh Generation.
  • Kick the creepiness factor up a few notches…If you feel a terminal illness coming on, or Tabby, your cat, just went to that great litter box in the sky, contact Cryonics.org to cryopreserve you or your loved one for eternity, or future revitalization. The highlight of any Hallowgreen festivity!
  • Break-down and get the rugrats some organic college farm candy or sugar-free Boo! Keyballs.

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