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Eco-terric sheds some harmonious light

Lamp.jpgWith shorter days and longer nights upon us as we turn those clocks back tonight, my mind reflects upon the shortening of our daylight hours, and as much as I enjoy star gazing, I must admit that I fret a tad.

Yet I’m calmed by the simple beauty of this stone-based lamp, evoking serenity and harmony, reminiscent of my Maui sojourn.

find peaceful illumination @ ($311.98)

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Saturday, November 3, 2007

cool not cruel is eco chic

CNCscarf.jpgStyle meets substance at cool not cruel, where owner Sara Cross fashions eco-chic threads for men and women by using earth-friendly materials: hemp, alpaca wool and organic cotton, and shows humanity and respect for her artisans in both Bolivia and the US. Her concern for people and the planet makes cool not cruel an eco-fashion forward company with a conscience.

(UPDATE: 2/2008: no more coolnotcruel. that’s not cool.
You can however, find this hemp crepe Leaf Scarf @ ($60.)

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Green Babies at Wee Generation

wg.jpgYou don’t have to be Sheryl Crow to invite the Wee Generation to plan your baby shower, although that’s exactly what she did. Get behind the scenes of the planning of this green star’s shower here.

As the video says, “You don’t have to cut down a tree to throw a party.” Tips include: purchasing organic foods, using china instead of paper plates, wrapping gifts in cloth diapers or blankets instead of paper, and using safety pins instead of tape.

Watch the video and get more good ideas on how to raise green babies @

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a mixed bag of green news


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Meat: the Forbidden Fruit?


I grew up amongst a family of quasi-vegetarian, white-meat eating fish-lovers. As a child, my only exposure to red meat occurred at the occasional block party or at roadside fast-food pit stops. I actually disliked meat in general. It wasn’t until about two years ago when my desire for red meat blossomed – ironically amidst my Environmental Ecology education at UCSD.

cattle2.jpgThe more I became certain that the best lifestyle choice for the environment was to avoid meat at all costs, the more I craved a delicious burger, or steak, or kabob…the mere thought of juicy red meat makes me salivate! Cattle release the vast majority of methane (a greenhouse gas) into the atmosphere annually. Also, to satisfy the US’s increasing hunger for red meat, ranchers destroy detrimental amounts of rain forest in Latin and South America to accommodate cattle farms. Beef raising practices are usually inhumane and as technology improves, old sustainable farming techniques have been replaced with thoughtless means of mass-production. Indeed, meat, a carnivore’s delight, became my cardinal sin! (more) (more…)

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