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swiss bikeboard – land, sea & snow adventure

Swiss Bikeboard has created a recreational board vehicle that can transform into year-round fun. The Bikeboard’s modular, interchangeable design allows those blessed with an unlimited supply of leisure time, coordination and a budget for toys to pursue and excel at:

  • land boarding: three wheeled powered skateboarding and street and off-road freeride models
  • snowboarding – with steering
  • water skiing with steering

The E-Bikeboard S500 in its land-based motorized form is powered by two Li-Po 10Ah rechargeable batteries and can reach speeds up to 15mph with a range of around 30 miles. It sports two rear disc brakes and a front V-brake. In addition to being rechargeable, the S500 is silent and has zero emissions.
They even make a Bikeboard Snow Junior model.

The powered model goes for around $2,500 and the Freeride version around $1,000. Get specific pricing and purchasing info for the various models @

more pix of the different variations: (more…)

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Monday, November 5, 2007

cutpile clutch – recycled carpet tiles


Reclaimed carpet tiles and scrap wood transform into this fashion statement on green style and sustainability. Designer Jonathan Knodell offers variation on color, style and handle shape to those about to take the next step in green fashion.
$20 @

shipping is $10 in USA

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a mixed bag of green news


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Youth Reach out with Roots & Shoots


If you know a kid or teen, tell them about Roots & Shoots, acclaimed humanitarian and environmentalist Jane Goodall’s program just for them. Youth can network and participate in projects that reach out to the community and help all living creatures.

The organization operates on the philosophy that knowledge, compassion, and action can change the world.  Volunteer and contribute here.



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