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Green Fuel from coal – greener energy?


part of our never ending search for green fuel alternatives

Silverado Green Fuels Inc. purports to have developed a coal based technology (hydrothermal treatment process) with the potential to augment or replace oil based energy at a fraction of the cost. The company is potentially three years away from having a fully operational facility up and running in Mississippi. The company’s technology usies low-rank coal, America’s most abundant natural fuel resource, in its production process with the resulting ‘Green Fuel‘ potentially being used in a wide range of energy related applications previously supplied by traditional fossil fuels. Green Fuel is purported by the company to be a stable, low-cost, liquid fuel alternative to traditional petroleum derived fuels.

some features:

  • no release of greenhouse gases in production
  • no toxic by-products
  • H2O used in process can be recycled/re-used
  • fuel can be used to fuel oil-fired power plants
  • fuel can be processed to create gasoline, industrial oil related products, and consumer plastics
  • Green Fuel can be processed to produce hydrogen for fuel cell cars and power plants

The company has partnered with the Mississippi Development Authority (more…)

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

vital industries – cool t-shirt designs


Why buy your t-shirts from a giant corporate monolith? Snag your casual wear from small designers with a fresh eye, like these from Brett + Crystal @ Vital Industries. In addition to t-shirts they make other neat stuff, too.

Oh…one little detail — these guys are out of the country until November 15th so they’ll ship stuff thereafter (definitely not corporate).

These tees run from $22 to $24 @

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Green Cleaning – Grime Fighters

Every spring and fall I go on a grime fighting tear in my kitchen and baths; here are a just a few fab finds that top this season’s green and clean list.


For a smart take on sponges, try TWIST. I love this biodegradable, double-sided loofah sponge, ($7). One side soaks up spills, the other side scrubs.

The cellulous required to manufacture their line of sponges is from renewable tree farms, and 99.97% of all their waste is reused in production.
find where to buy @

ecover.jpgTo give your bathroom a serious scrub, try LIMESCALE REMOVER from ECOVER. You’ll be using a plant-based, biodegradable, vegan product to give that chrome and tile a healthy dose of sparkle and shine.

Reasonably priced @ $5 for 16-oz., I picked up mine at Whole Foods.
more info and products @

solaydishsoap.jpg Looking for a new dishwashing liquid? SOLAY SIMPLE is a real treat. All natural, unscented, made with purified water, coconut blend and Himalayan natural salt (which has antibacterial properties).

$9. for 32-oz bottle, or try a 2-oz sample for $1.50.

Ever seen a salt lamp? They’re way cool. I have one from Himalayan salt shop, and I love it!

Feel free to jump-in with your latest fresh housekeeping find.

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a mixed bag of green news


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