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get the skinnyskinny – organic bath products

ss_lav_salts.jpgSkinnyskinny makes an extensive array of fine, certified organic soap and bath products. We’ve included just a few here.

100% organic lavender bath salts $34 (bottle is 100% recycled/recyclable) and the salts in this product are rich in vitamins and nutrients. The lavender, calendula and aloe in this recipe soothe and calm skin irritations.

ss_neem_1_1.jpg98% organic neem oil w/tea tree & lavender soap $10 – an extremely mild soap for the most sensitive of skin. It makes for a nice shampoo for those with a dry itchy scalp, and it can also be used on face.


98% organic goat milk soap – for goat lovers with sensitive skin $10

Skinnyskinny employs carbon neutral manufacturing practices and use 100% recycled/reclaimed packaging.
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Friday, November 16, 2007

100-mile diet gains speed


In early 2005, Alisa Smith and James MacKinnon launched the first 100-mile diet. To support local farmers, the hundred mile diet dictates that followers must consume food from within a hundred-mile radius of their home.

100mi2.jpgAccording to their site, the average American eats food that contains ingredients that have traveled at least 1,500 miles to reach their tables. Not only do participants help support local growers directly, but through the trials and tribulations of finding food from within the restricted radius, you learn where your food originates and gain an appreciation for seasonal meat and produce. Also, the website features great ideas for local eating this Thanksgiving, including how to make a hundred-mile pumpkin pie.

I am going to attempt the 100 mile diet for a few weeks this coming winter quarter and will keep you all updated…it sounds like a great idea to me!

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Arenas del Mar, an uber sustainable resort


Newly opened beach and nature resort, Arenas del Mar looks like the perfect escape for an eco-friendly, luxurious vacacion.

lvngrm.jpgFeel free as a bird on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast in one of their 38 rooms and suites. Or perch yourself in an ocean view apartment featuring over 1650 square feet of living space, private decks or terraces with Japanese-style Jacuzzis and magnificent vistas. For honeymoons or a blissful getaway, find all the details for sustainable fun and frolic @

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a mixed bag of green news


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