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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Just Say No… to Catalogs

ctlgs1.jpgCome November my mailbox is no longer a simple daily stop after work. Instead, it’s a tragically small receptacle into which is stuffed enough catalogs, flyers, postcards and greeting cards to fill my recycling bin daily.

“I want off the ‘master’ list,” I scream as I flip through catalogs from companies I’ve never ordered from, let alone heard of.

And there are statistics to back me up, if for some reason you’re lucky enough to have slipped through the USPS loops and don’t believe me. A whopping 8 million trees are cut down every year to feed the production of these jolly, seasonal mailings. Keep in mind too, that deforestation contributes 20 – 25 percent of all carbon pollution, the cause of our global climate change.

So what are we to do? It’s easy, actually.
ctlgs2.jpgA new website — — has come to the rescue. An online program (currently a beta version) offers the mailbox-overstuffed an opportunity to opt out of their lesser-loved catalogs. All you have to do is register (it’s quick) and you’re privy to erasing your name from hundreds of catalog distribution lists. According to the website, you’ll stop receiving catalogs about 10 weeks after your request is made.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and the subsequent flower push. yes.

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