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trees of antiquity – heirloom organics


Thanks to Becky, who drew inspiration from one of our posts, and turned us on to beautiful, certified organic Trees of Antiquity. As Becky mentioned, “very few farmers today are devoted to preserving the myriad of heirloom fruit and nut trees (particularly apples) that are disappearing from our fields and farms today.”

CCoF.jpgHome gardeners, take heed; you can help “revive these relics of the past,” according to the hardy hands who tend to these elusive bearers of fruits and nuts.

What wonderful gifts, as a housewarming, birthday, anniversary, memorial or holiday, especially for passionate gardeners. With tips on selecting the perfect tree and 329 products (a diverse variety of heirloom fruits, nuts and olives) from which to choose.

Don’t forget the tree starter package to help nurture that gift that’ll keep on giving, from northern California-based, Trees of Antiquity.

(pictured above is Hall’s Hardy almond tree, $22.95!)

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Green in the Chainstore Mainstream

lvi1.jpgFashionable and environmentally friendly don’t always go hand in hand. Often, when you discover a great green clothing company, it’s either exclusively online, somewhat inconvenient, or screams tree hugging earth mother. Not that there’s anything bad with that… but now you can buy organic fashionable clothes from some of your favorite stand-bys.

For the holiday season, Levi’s eco department released these snazzy ultra low rise bootlet style jeans, which are also made using 100% organic cotton

Also, Gap now offers snuggly organic baby clothes for your little one. I thought that the organic velour footed pants look especially cute and comfortable.

American Apparel has always been known for its sweatshop free production methods, but its new Sustainable Edition collection uses only USDA certified organic cotton while maintaining its sexy simplicity the company promotes. Eventually, the company aims to integrate organic cotton into their entire main production line.

Although buying from large corporations usually isn’t the best decision for the environmental cause, it’s encouraging to see such companies take steps in the right direction. And hopefully through supporting these efforts, the green movement will incorporate itself into mainstream production.

update: links removed

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a mixed bag of green news


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