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sale at setchi eco boutique

setchisale.jpegdon’t miss the special savings today thru Sunday at 20% off g=9.8 undies, bras and leggings (made of recycled pine tree fiber). Enter thanksgiving in the notes section to receive discount BEFORE your card is charged.

bra: reg. $64, sale $54.40

undies reg. $44, sale $35.20

tights: reg. $18, sale $14.40

(it is boutique shopping) Previously on AltCon: g=9.8 undies

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Friday, November 23, 2007

a mixed bag of green news


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Mini Wind-Up-Flashlight – Power it yourself!

miniflashlt.jpgThe smaller the cuter, I always say, which is why this wind-up flashlight makes my adorable list. This Mini Dynamo Wind-Up LED Flashlight is pocket-sized and a perfect stocking stuffer for any lover of trinkets. With three bright white LED bulbs, the flashlight will illuminate your view for up to thirty minutes after just five minutes of winding.

$11.95 @

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Travel Tips for a Green Christmas


The holidays are just around the corner… and Christmas time travel makes a perfect time for jolly gift-givers to brush up on their green skills (and I’m not talking mistletoe here).

Spice up your season by following some of the suggested eco-friendly travel tips below, offered by FanWithAPlan, a website devoted to sports-fanatic travel.
Before leaving for your trip, remember to conserve at home. Turn off the lights, computers and appliances that will not be in use and make sure to tightly turn off all faucets to prevent waste of water.

iStock_000002266764Smallhands_1.jpgOffset the carbon dioxide emissions created by your travel by investing in a carbon-reducing program that funds renewable energy, energy efficiency or reforestation projects. For more information about some of the programs available, visit,,
or (MORE) (more…)

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