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greenlight surf supply for eco surfers

If you love to surf and you’re concerned about the health of our planet and its oceans, check out Their surfboard supplies are made of renewable and sustainable materials, including bamboo, bio-plastics, and recyclable EPS foam.

All supplies are non-toxic, putting less of a strain on our planet and our oceans.

ecobd3.jpgThey’re a premier supplier for DIYers. Greenlight also sells eco-friendly surfboard building kits and instructional videos. Check out their biodegradable board wax, too.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

10 reasons not to go green


  • You’ve been working for ten long years to complete a 30′ tall sculpture of Queen Elizabeth out of 20,000 recycled Ballantine Ale cans and your kidneys are about shot.
  • Putting your Hummer in neutral going down hills has saved you only .008 gallons of black gold per mile.
  • Your neighbor’s wind farm is blocking your view of the oil refinery.
  • They have yet to make an authentic Ben Roethlisberger jersey out of organic cotton.
  • You tried a pair of hemp sandals but found them largely un-combustible and difficult to fit into any of your old hash pipes.
  • Scientists have failed at all attempts to make a 100% organic version of Maypo.
  • Hamburger Helper’s new ‘All Vegan Simulated-Sirloin Helper’ just doesn’t get the job done for you.
  • You were recently mauled by a horde of carpenter ants after a failed attempt to talk them out of your house.
  • The Wave Power installation in your Koi pond won’t power your 3,000 cubic foot hot tub.
  • That ‘Soy Hold’ hair gel you bought makes you look like Marie Osmond on a bad-hair day.

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‘What’s Tappening?’

That’s the question a new, eco-conscious duo are asking as millions of Americans continue to purchase vast amounts of bottled water. Their ambition? To increase awareness on the dangerous effects of non-recycled plastic bottles to the earth–and tout the overlooked appeal of your at-home tap water.

WRbottles.jpgTo join the crusade, and freshen up on the harsh facts surrounding bottled water, visit Here, you’ll also be able to purchase your own reusable water bottle (currently sold out) that reads either: ‘What’s Tappening?’ or ‘Think global. Act local.’ (Do keep in mind, however, the possible ill effects On-the-Trail-of-Water-Bottle-Toxins of drinking out of any plastic bottle–and consider switching to an aluminum container like instead.)

You can also join in the organization’s ‘Message in a bottle’ campaign, which asks consumers to take a used, plastic bottle and insert their own message, directed to the CEO of Coca-Cola company, manufacturer of Dasani water.

The first million bottles received will be delivered to CEO Neville Isdell as soon as collected.

Bottles can be mailed to:

‘Tappening’ c/o DIGO
220 East 23rd Street
New York, NY 10010

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a mixed bag of green news


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