kaia1.jpgI’m a fan of Sephora, online beauty Mecca to all those who worship soft skin and subtle (or shocking) make-up for work and play. I’m also a frequenter of their newest Web category, one that specializes in Natural Beauty and carries lines like Juice Beauty, vinotherapy master Caudalie, and plant-based Korres. It was here that I fell in love with several eco-minded concoctions created to soothe, shine or add sparkle to my skin and hair.

Until recently, I’ve always headed toward my local Sephora store or ordered online when a beauty craving hit. Now, I’ve got options.

Newer to the worldwide Web is Kaia House, “Home to the Purest Skin on Earth.” Operating with the mission to bring only the best of each brand to customers and carry products both safe and effective, and environmentally and animal friendly, Kaia House consults the Environmental Working Group and their Cosmetics Safety Database to verify the safety of every ingredient in every one of the products offered.

Visitors of the site are also privy to Kaia’s “Most Un-Wanted List” of synthetic chemicals, which I suggest you print out and take along next time you’re scoping beauty buys.

Looking for something new? Brands exclusive to Kaia House include Vitaman and Kimia products. Or, you can check out the gift section, full of beautilicious ideas for friends and family.

Free shipping on purchases over $75.

(update: links were removed)