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organic cotton terry robe – for beach or bath

orgcotterrobe.jpgIf your lady friend’s current bulky bathrobe makes her look very ‘Dom De Louise’ on her way to the sauna it may be time for an upgrade. This 96% organic cotton chemise robe from Skin will create a more appealing silhouette and cover-up option for poolside lounging, beach frolicking or just good old at-home bathing.

$180 @

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

mypetlamp – terribear

terribear3_1.jpgWant to surround your child with wildlife, but allergic to pet hair, frightened by large carnivores and in need of a table lamp for the kid’s room? This little lamp from Megasii Design Group and Offi may provide a solution to several of your issues by being a friendly companion, night-light and drawing surface.

Made of non-toxic, odorless plastic it comes with a replaceable, low voltage bulb and two erasable/washable markers.

Available in six cute colors and measures 11″h x 9″w

note: some colors may be out of stock til mid-December

$59 @

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I’m dreaming of a…green Christmas?


bamboosktbd.jpgThis Christmas teens may wake up to find some green underneath the tree, and we’re not talking about money. The theme of “green Christmas” is prevalent this season with many child-to-teen aimed products from a laptop with a solar-powered charger to an eco-friendly bamboo skateboard.

We’ve compiled a lot of great ideas for the eco-minded on your list; check it out here!
To help round-out your green Christmas, you can check out these reusable gift bags made by lucky crow, and recycled glass tree ornaments @

If the holiday classics are getting a little repetitive when reading to your children on Christmas Eve, check out this spectacular new children’s book by Victoria Perla, aimed in a newer…greener direction @ AND for those of you who celebrate Chanukkah, you’ll find organic beeswax Menorah candles at

Have a holly jolly, eco-friendly holiday!

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a mixed bag of green news

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