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Deck the Halls

Ideas for cheer and function this holiday season


  • Holiday Chocolate – Live a little and savor some organic chocolate minis, fairly traded from Equal Exchange. Available @
  • Gift Wrap – Wrap it up with eco chic gift wrap made from soy based inks and recycled paper @ Green Field Paper. Now you can feel a little less guilty about that mountain of gift wrap in your living room after the holidays. Not good enough? For waste-less ways to gift and wrap things up, visit this great site.
  • Christmas Lights – Save money and energy with LED Christmas lights. LED lights require 90% less energy and each light burns for 50,000 hours. The site includes a broad color and type (even snowflake-shaped!) selection. Plus they will recycle them for you when they’ve burnt out. All @ holidayleds.
  • Kosher Wine – Enjoy a glass of kosher (and organic!) chardonnay from Yarrdon Chardonnay Odem Organic Vineyard, which has been farmed organically since 1998. The wine goes well with intensely flavored fish and poultry – perfect for holiday dining.
  • Mulling Spices – Add a little winter sparkle to your cup of tea with organic mulling spices from Simply Organic.
  • Christmas Wreaths – For a unique and reusable Christmas gift for yourself or a loved one, check out McFadden Farm. The farm creatively constructs their wreaths using bay leaves, chili’s, rosemary, and thyme – so you can actually put the decoration to use after the holidays expire. McFadden Farm is also a member of the California Certified Organic Farmers.
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Friday, December 7, 2007

powerpod – a green modular building

pwerpdfrt.jpgLooking for a quick, green solution to your search for a small office, weekend home, starter-house, or bachelor pad? If you don’t need a ton of space, want to reduce your suction on the power grid and need a speedy, inexpensive solution to your personal housing crisis, going modular might be the answer. Powerhouse Enterprises is marketing The PowerPod, a modular green building with about 500 square feet of living space.

Units come stripped down for industrial customization or tricked-out for a more complete living experience, and the whole deal ships on one flatbed truck and can be assembled (if the company speaks the truth) in one day. Sculptural steel legs allow for easy installation and site preparation. Roof designs depend on location and use. Decks, bathrooms and kitchens come in a variety of configurations and options or you can do the interior build-out and finishing yourself.

some features:

  • powrpodside.jpgactive solar array
  • remote building monitoring system
  • high efficiency lighting and water use
  • heavy insulation and airtight exterior
  • radiant floor heating
  • solar windows
  • rainwater collection scupper
  • optional composting septic and grey water technology

The company recently signed on its first customer: the Yellow Barn Music School in Putney, Vt., which will be using eight PowerPods for its music lessons. Based out of an old coal-fired powerplant (nice touch) in Lawrence, MA,
Powerhouse offers several floor plans and option packages. Prices vary with options (ballpark is $100,000).

get more info @

(photos via cnet)

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Translucent Concealer by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

mkup.jpg cvrstk.jpg

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care offers translucent makeup and a new, Pure Care cover stick for all skintypes. This line provides eco-friendly products which are made with Biodynamic and organic ingredients. Hauschka Skin Care does not employ animal testing and uses “eco-conscious packaging.” Products are kept fresh with natural botanical preservatives. For a list of more products offered by Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, such as fresh and floral deodorants, lemon and rose body washes, and facial toners, visit You might want to check out their holiday promotions for online shoppers as well.

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a mixed bag of green news


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