pwerpdfrt.jpgLooking for a quick, green solution to your search for a small office, weekend home, starter-house, or bachelor pad? If you don’t need a ton of space, want to reduce your suction on the power grid and need a speedy, inexpensive solution to your personal housing crisis, going modular might be the answer. Powerhouse Enterprises is marketing The PowerPod, a modular green building with about 500 square feet of living space.

Units come stripped down for industrial customization or tricked-out for a more complete living experience, and the whole deal ships on one flatbed truck and can be assembled (if the company speaks the truth) in one day. Sculptural steel legs allow for easy installation and site preparation. Roof designs depend on location and use. Decks, bathrooms and kitchens come in a variety of configurations and options or you can do the interior build-out and finishing yourself.

some features:

  • powrpodside.jpgactive solar array
  • remote building monitoring system
  • high efficiency lighting and water use
  • heavy insulation and airtight exterior
  • radiant floor heating
  • solar windows
  • rainwater collection scupper
  • optional composting septic and grey water technology

The company recently signed on its first customer: the Yellow Barn Music School in Putney, Vt., which will be using eight PowerPods for its music lessons. Based out of an old coal-fired powerplant (nice touch) in Lawrence, MA,
Powerhouse offers several floor plans and option packages. Prices vary with options (ballpark is $100,000).

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