I’m a lover of sending cards — not only Christmas, birthday, and other special occasions, but year-round notes as well. Although there are beautiful papers and cards made from recycled materials available today, and a few c2c options, the greenest way to send greetings today may be by email. No need for stamps, envelopes, or to expend extra energy of all sorts when you send an e-card.

3leaf1.jpgI just received a tip about threeleafcards.com a wonderful new resource for sending this season’s greetings. Co-founded by two high school pals, Steve Knaub and Andy Atkins, these eco-sensitive thinkers have created an easy to use, online card biz that sends the right message to all those who love to stay stylishly connected, year-round.

Purchase an annual membership ($20.95), and you’re on your way. Greetings can be customized with music preferences. 10% of the fee goes to a nonprofit partner of your choice, and you receive free climate crisis e-cards with membership.

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green Christmas Cards – Jacquie Lawson e-cards (12.4.08)