hyminicu.jpgHYmini is a palm-sized portable charger that can utilize wind power, solar power, and the ubiquitous wall socket to recharge almost any 5V gadget, from iPods and PDA’s to most cell phones.

Marketed as the mini-green powerstation that fits in your hand, the device is designed to capture and charge from winds between 9 and 30mph. It makes a little noise, isn’t waterproof, and may or may not work, but it does look cool.

Comes in black, white and green with a bunch of adapters for use with most small, popular devices. You can also connect the company’s mini solar panel to the HYmini to charge the device’s built-in 1200 mA/H lithium ion polymer battery.
The holiday special Basic Package includes one miniSOLAR panel and will run you $59.99 @ hymini.com