The word has come down that I must put together a holiday wish-list for myself, so here are a few gift ideas pour moi…

  • woodyowen1_1.jpgI believe I might enjoy a rainforest eco-vacation with señor Al Gore. Something similar to the recent Woody Harrelson, Owen Wilson Peruvian-teepee-retreat. Al and I could share a large tube of all-natural organic suntan lotion whilst warmly embracing his recent Nobel Peace Prize.
  • papercretedome_1.jpgA greener new home for Christmas? Perhaps someone could build me a nice pastel ‘papercrete’ home like the one pictured at right. A combo of concrete and recycled paper that provides the strength but not the weight of concrete.
  • gizmocar_1.jpgI then will need something to park in my unpaved driveway and tool around town in. How about a nice three-wheeled electric vehicle like the Gizmo EV by Nevco. Zips around at 45mpg and meanders about 90 miles on a charge. One problemo. Manufacturing of this thing has been put on hold…maybe someone can find me a used one.
  • 02Blue_Azul_MargaritaC_thumb_1.pngTo top off my month-long holiday extravaganza I’ll need some form of organic libation, perhaps a 30 gallon vat of 4 Copas Organic Tequila will get the party started.

…and one more thing. Could someone please dye those sheep a natural color. Merci!