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Here’s some exciting news for accessories lovers. Fashioned from sustainably-harvested bamboo and a revolutionary bio-plastic, the Brelli is the most eco friendly umbrella to just hit the street!

Reminiscent of sun parasols from the Far East and Southeast Asia, this innovative bumper shoot is renewable, biodegradable and chic. Designed by NYC based style maven, Pamela Zonsius, the Brelli could easily become the next must-have eco fashionista accessory.

According to the company, “the Brelli’s patented design features a certified biodegradable plastic canopy. This innovative new material has a unique chemical composition which allows it to completely biodegrade in conditional landfill environments. Unlike conventional plastic, which takes hundreds of years to break down, the Brelli’s bio-plastic canopy has passed stringent tests certifying that it will fully biodegrade in one to two years. Furthermore, the gases released during the degrading process can be harvested to generate electricity. More than 90% of the energy used to create the Brelli can thereby be recycled.”

Available in two sizes, 37” diameter and 52” diameter; ($28, and $38 respectively). Currently @ Fred Siegel ZERO MINUS PLUS in Los Angeles and Jussara Lee in New York.

More details @ …becomes available online next month. As the storm clouds gather, I look forward to taking it out for a spin.