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Livity Outernational – cool eco lids

Hat1_1.jpg Hat2_1.jpgHat3_1.jpgHat4_1.jpg
Looking to top off your look? Try these on for size.
Eco-friendly and reasonably priced, for guys and gals.

(L to R:)
Fireball Fedora – raffia straw
Bubbler Gatsby – wool hemp blend
Solar Selecta wool hemp blend – warm in winter, cool in summer
Riptide Stormtrooper – exclusive Eco-Tech fabric, Ingeo-based Nylon
PET Fleece and Insulation.
Seaside Fedora – 100% hemp summer cloth (not pictured above)

36-year old, Designer/Founder, Isaac Nichelson has been pumping out some of the hippest, casual, eco friendly street wear since 2001.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

recycled juice bag camera or cell phone case

juicepakcell.jpegWe’ve all seen various bags made from recycled juice containers but this smaller version caught my eye. Great for carrying small stuff and traveling light, you can store your cell phone, iPod, earrings or some cash and a lipstick in this festive little bag.
Made in the Philippines.

$11.95 @

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