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recycled bike chain bowl

Sick of delicate pottery and artsy accessorizing? Maybe you need to integrate some bicycle chic into your decor. This recycled bike chain bowl can be a not-so-subtle expression of your inner athleticism; just don’t try utilizing it as a soup bowl. Keep it off scratch-susceptible surfaces.

10″diameter – $88 @

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Friday, December 21, 2007

Equita, Essentials for Ethical Living

eqta.jpgEquita, Essentials for Ethical Living, invites us “to clearly view the factory floors, forests, farm fields and people that lie on the other side” of the consumer curtain. It is a company that demands awareness, respect for nature, and social change. That’s why Equita practices green living and Fair Trade while sourcing their wide array of body, food and home essentials. Designed by Loyale, this lovely Amalia dress, made from organic cotton and hemp, is a personal fave from their stylish winter collection.

Find Amelia ($130) and more @

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Kids Unplugged for safe, eco friendly toys


With heightened public awareness over the safety of toys, I wanted to let you know about Kids Unplugged. In 2005, work at home mom and founder, Samantha Suter decided to offer wonderful wooden and eco friendly toys online to inspire children to use creative and imaginary play.

KU2.jpgAs noted on their website, all toys are made from “safe, and nontoxic materials with consideration to their effect on the environment. …many of our toy makers are actively involved in replanting what they harvest. …one of our toy makers has received certification for the Forest Stewardship Council.”

Check out the back to basics, “no batteries required” approach to wonder, amusement and child development @

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a mixed bag of green news


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