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make merry on christmas


Great day for a walk in the woods. Enjoy the silence and natural beauty. Then return to the warmth of hearth and home, and make merry. A simple recipe for sentimental bliss.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

arbor sports – sustainable boards

arborbug.jpgVenice, California-based, Arbor Sports, makes sweet looking and performing snow and skateboards from sustainably-harvested woods and finish plys. Arbor also makes bamboo blend and 100% organic cotton tees.

check them out @ or visit their showroom at 102 w. washington blvd in Venice, CA

dealer locator

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A Tribute to our National Parks

Our green hero, John Muir, helped found the first one in Yellowstone, 1872, followed by Yosemite in 1890. Today there are 58 national parks across the United States, and what precious landmarks they are! I grew up just a short car ride from Lassen Volcanic National Park, where I had adventures on the Lily Pond Trail and Bumpass Hell, where hot mud pots and gaseous vents evidenced the rumbling volcanic activity beneath my feet. The first peak I ever climbed and the source of endless fascination, whether it be its historic eruptions in the 1910s, or a huge ant crawling over a log, I will always pay homage to Lassen for igniting my love of the natural world.

National Parks are stunning natural gems, set aside for the preservation that more wilderness deserves, making excellent public education tools. I had the opportunity to visit Zion, the Redwoods, and Lassen last summer, and I enjoyed every moment. Get in touch with your wild side today and support a National Park with a visit. You won’t regret it.

learn more @

more on John Muir @

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