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tiny hands of soap: two thumbs up


A multi-racial assortment of tiny, disembodied, hands cleansing your body…weird stuff. These little, slightly scented, soaps are made and packaged by ‘hand’ from sweet goat’s milk and vegetable glycerin – at least 10 hands of differing fleshtones in each order. Disturbingly unique.

$20 @

Hand Soap UPDATE: as mentioned in The NY Times (1.15.08)
Imitation of Life

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One World Projects: helps sustain families

1wrld2.jpg 1wrld1.jpg

Sustainable Fair Trade is the name of the game for One World Projects, New York-based importer of household goods, jewelry, fashion accessories, gifts, toys, and more since 1992. These socially responsible handcrafts come from over 80 artisan groups in over 20 countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. Many products use renewable resources, encouraging local families to conserve their natural resources and providing them with livable wages. One World Projects builds long-term relationships with artisans and offers technical and practical education about their craft and market.

Keep Mayan tradition alive with one of these unique, handwoven pine needle baskets from Guatemala, $12-15 @ A small card with the artist’s signature as well as information about each piece accompanies each basket.

Or enliven your home with a totora reed boat basket, made from an aquatic Lake Titicaca plant by the Esteban family, $17-42. The basket is fashioned by hand, within a day’s time. The totora reed has been utilized by Andean Indians to build their boats and homes for over 4000 years.

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a mixed bag of green news


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