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hubcap creatures – art from debris


hubcap2.jpgReclaimed, recycled and repurposed hubcaps and other metallic debris form the raw materials of these fascinating works of sculpture. Designed by Ptolemy, each piece is created solely from found materials and thus may show the scars of their previous life-cycle. Pictured above is a commissioned work.

Works range in price from roughly £110 to £550

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Thursday, January 3, 2008

ultra III recycled plastic shoes


Take a pass on those lame, overexposed crocs and slide into these sleek, eco-friendly translucent flats by Brazil-based Melissa. Green shoes made with recycled plastic!

$59 @

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recycled phone buttons – Handy earrings

keypadear.jpgMobile phone keypad buttons are transformed into these nifty earrings by designers TDM-Wien/Sarfraz Ahmad. hmmm, mobile phones, ear ringshello?
24€ @ seccoshop’s electronic avenue

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a mixed bag of green news


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