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Seamus The Eco-Friendly Dog

seamlksupprofside___1.JPGOur latest celebrity blogger — all right he’s our first — Seamus, will be appearing off-and-on to impart a biscuit’s worth of green knowledge to all you green newbies out there.
(note: Seamus is pronounced, sha-mus, with a “long a”)

Today’s tip: “good posture is the first step to a greener lifestyle.”

Seamus plans to visit us every Friday, and looks forward to your stopping by.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

sustainable reading in bed


Sometimes there’s nothing better than a good read before wandering off to dreamland. Give yourself some peace of mind by knowing that your bed is “responsibly made.” Above (L) is a handsome frame made with responsibly-harvested cherry and striking tiger maple veneer. For those who may have the need (or desire), the curved treatment provides a reclined seat in bed. $4670 with flat headboard, and $6910 with curved headboard. more @ San Francisco-based, woodshanti

Downbound has a substantial selection of hand-crafted, sustainably-harvested bed-frames in all sizes. Pictured (above R) is a California-sized, Vegan Organic Sustainable Wood Upholstered Hemp Platform Bed (no box frame required) that is designed for a comfortable reading-in-bed experience. The headboard is made from natural latex; you select the fabric covering from a variety of earthy colors. $1950 plus shipping, from Fredericktown, OH.

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ZPower – A Greener Laptop Battery

zpower2.jpgThat eco-unfriendly lithium-ion battery in your laptop may soon be on the way out. Silicon Valley based, ZPower, has developed a silver-zinc rechargeable battery technology that, unlike the ubiquitous lithium-ion battery, is composed of key components that can be recycled.

Some ZPower advantages:

  • zpower1.jpgup to 30% more energy density than lithium-ion batteries (they last longer and charge faster)
  • laptop manufacturers can improve battery run-time or decrease the actual size of the battery
  • non-toxic water-based technology will not vent or flame
  • unlike lithium-ion batteries, ZPower batteries meet FAA travel guidelines

ZPower is featured at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas and was recently selected as a GoingGreen 100 Award Winner. Look for the battery to roll-out in products from a ‘major’ laptop manufacturer sometime this summer, while discussions with cellphone manufacturers are on-going.

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a mixed bag of green news


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