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  • provides a collection of the latest inane products, gag gifts and inventions that may just make our lives more useless….I just saw my nephew sporting that vital fashion accessory, the Tattoo Sleeve. (UPDATE: LINKS REMOVED)
  • Citizens Energy – a Kennedy hooks up with Citgo and Venezuelan oil interests? Did Joe Kennedy get sentenced to hyping this company as part of his divorce settlement? Bringing heating oil to the needy is a good cause but should Hugo Chavez be driving the oil truck?
  • Top 5 Fails of 2007 – Valleywag (sort of a Silicon Valley Gawker) looks at some big tech disappointments of 2007. So, when is your Tesla roadster being delivered…
  • MagneScribe (video) – so some misguided inventor thought this was a good idea. Keep dropping your pen and need a clock around your neck…maybe Flavo Flav could work this into his fashion profile. (UPDATE: LINKS REMOVED)
  • Pedestrian vs. Mountain Bikers – this guy really dug a hole for himself…
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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lodge at Sun Ranch – a luxurious eco adventure in Montana

lodge1.jpg lodge2.jpg

For cowgirl and cowboy wannabees — at the heart of the 26,000-acre Sun Ranch sustainable ranching operation, this rustic, secluded lodge — which caters to a only 16 guests at maximum capacity—offers a guest ranch experience that’s far from “dude.” Enjoy heavenly views of the glorious Madison Valley and chef-prepared gourmet meals made from local and organic ingredients. A smart staff combines outdoor adventure — from horseback riding to fly fishing to naturalist-guided hiking to custom tours of nearby Yellowstone National Park—with personalized learning for a meaningful connection to nature. Take the special “green tour,” archeology tour, or just wander a nature trail at your own pace.

A variety of packages are available, starting from $900 per person, double occupancy, for a three-night basic Sun Ranch Package (activities priced a la carte) in a deluxe lodge room. More info @ Looks like an awesome, laid-back scene.

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