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The Designers Accord – all about green design


Every day on AltCon we feature green gadgets, products and businesses that span the broad spectrum of green design and sustainability — from products brimming with green-ness — to the amusing, the downright vital, and the not so vital.

With the kick-off of the 2008 CES show in Vegas, and the 27,000 or so products and gadgets to be featured there, it’s good to see that an org like The Designers Accord has been created to discuss and exchange ideas on the environmental impact of a designer’s creativity, designer-to-designer.

Below is a chunk of their call to action:
“We ask all designers, globally, to pro-actively engage in a dialogue about environmental impact with each and every client, and to evaluate sustainable alternatives in design. Our rationale is that by collectively committing to having this conversation, our client base – the world’s manufacturers, distributors, and services providers – will be compelled to evaluate sustainability as a key vector in decision-making around the products and service they create for their base – the global consuming audience.”

Good stuff. Also for designers of green gadgets, check out the design competition that’s going on now; in addition to cash prizes, winners will also be featured on, and

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Monday, January 7, 2008

twice shy scoop-neck tee @ envi

twiceshyt.jpgA cute graphic that resonates a tasteful eco-sensibility, organic cotton, scoop neck, long sleeves, nicely fitted and on sale.

A lot to love.

as shown in purple haze $49 @ Beantown-based Envi

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a mixed bag of green news


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Greenbottle – the greener milk carton

greenbottle3.jpgAs you reach into your fridge to haul out that big plastic jug of cow’s milk envision a landfill brimming with plastic containers, a timeless monument to our voracious consumer appetites.

Well, the innovators at Greenbottle have designed an alternative container with a recycled cardboard outer shell and a biodegradable inner bag. Recycle the the outer greenbottle1.jpgcardboard shell and put the inner bag in the trash.

Available in the U.K. sometime in 2008

more info on U.K. waste issues can be found @ Greenbottle

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