When it comes to going green, it’s nice to strike a balance between practicality, sustainability and fashion. The rise in popularity of reusable shopping bags is where the green revolution merges with fashion-forward trends, and whether or not you cringe at the idea of Hollywood-style environmentalism, you have to admit that anything that pushes Americans toward sustainable living is a good thing.

Many popular reusable bags available online are made from recyclable, durable, hand-washable polypropylene. But, there are still many varieties made from organic hemp, cotton, or jute for those of us who stick to more natural materials. We’ve compiled a list that has something for everyone. Don’t forget stores such as Whole Foods, Food Emporium and Trader Joe’s all sell reusable bags, and some give you credit for returning their used plastic bags, so do the planet and purse a favor, and take advantage of this great service. Here are a few ideas to get you on the road to reusable bags.

bag the habit @ $8, great-looks and eco cred (pictured above)

orangyporangy from vintage or nice scraps, handmade, one of a kind

AFP1.jpgorganic cotton (at Right) @ greenloop.com (boo hoo, store no more)

from recycled juice packs @ nigelsecostore.com

from recycled plastic bottles @ earthchic.com

organic Canvas Tote @ grist

hemp market bags and shopping totes @ rawganique.com



heavy duty canvas @ earthwisebags.com

hemp and recycled PET @ fairhemp.com

hemp Market Tote @ green-logic.net & compact tote @ green-logic

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