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Pizza for the Environment – pizza fusion


PF3.jpgLove pizza? Yeah, me too. It’s the perfect blend of high carbs (crust), protein (cheese and meat) and of course, vegetables (or fruit, ie olives)!

And soon, thanks to a new franchise, Pizza Fusion, this convenient meal-in-one will be available in organic versions in locations throughout the country – even in my neck of the woods, SanDiego.

Pizza Fusion aims to use the purest ingredients, hybrid vehicles for delivery, and the purchase of renewable wind energy certificates to offset their energy consumption. Plus, they offer vegan or gluten-free pizzas, organic beer, wine and soft-drinks. Tasty!

I’m ready to dine in, take out or have it delivered – now!
more info @


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Saturday, January 12, 2008

nu from france, just for kicks


Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts, and dive in. This is one of those times. I have a serious love affair with converse-type sneaks, and these low and high tops are killing me — mostly because their website is very French, and mon cherie, I am not…All I can glean is that they say their jeans, tees and sneaks are produced “ethically” and with serious consideration to the environment. More research needs to be done, but in the interim, feel free to jump in with much-needed translation. tres bien.

olive highs, £49 and rose lows, £45 @

GOOD NEWS from Maxime Guillon of NU… can provide manufacturing info and is a U.S. distributor of the Ethletic brand. The latex soles are sourced from Fair Trade, FSC-certified, sustainable plantations, and the uppers are from 100% cotton canvas.
merci, Maxime! (1.14.07)


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a mixed bag of green news


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