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a greater gift – brings hope around the globe


When creating a gift yourself just isn’t an option, look in the direction of non-profits and museums to find that perfect gift. A Greater Gift helps artisans and farmers in developing regions around the world market their handcrafts and foods. All of the items they sell — home goods, spa, jewelry, baskets and more, are fairly traded — they work directly with small cooperatives around the world.

Catch their winter sale, comb the gallery for treasures, or shop their gift collection, and feel good knowing that it’s agreatergift.


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Monday, January 14, 2008

10 sure signs of global warming


  • Dick Cheney just installed solar panels on his secret, underground bunker.
  • That property your grandpa left you in the Oklahoma dust-bowl is now waterfront.
  • After standing in a shopping mall parking lot for 10 minutes Michael Jackson is black again.
  • Tom Cruise directs the board of the Church of Scientology to lower thermostats by 2 degrees, mirroring his energy saving efforts in his 12 homes.
  • You can fry an egg on your laptop.
  • Detroit automakers are going to look into “this global warming thing.”
  • Earlier this year the reflected sunlight off Britney Spears’ shaved head has caused the Hubble Space Telescope to burn out.
  • The Bush administration has added the “No Child Left Out in the Sun” program to its educational and childcare programs.
  • Polar bears interrupt an outdoor hockey game in Flint, MI searching for ‘good’ ice.
  • The harvesting of corn to produce ethanol has caused the price of a 12oz. freezer pack of Green Giant Creamed Corn to sky-rocket to $49.95.
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EcoForms – sustainable gardening containers


Biodegradable, sustainable, easy on the eyes and an inexpensive. EcoForms provides a great alternative to glazed pottery, terracotta pots and especially, plastic. Made from renewable grain husks and suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

find them @

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a mixed bag of green news


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