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Green for your Pet – Seamus, Listen Up!

GDdog1.jpg GDog2.jpg

Are you in the company of a dog, cat, bird, or even a blue-tongued skunk? Organics 4 your Pets has you covered. This all-inclusive website is a source of organic toys and food for almost every critter. Did you know Paul Newman (heart-throb) also makes organic dog food? Woof! Plus, there’s vegetarian feed for dogs, cats, and birds if your little friend also does its part in reducing meat consumption.

Also, check out, to pamper your favorite little friend with even more environmentally conscious treats. They offer organic catnip toys for the kitty in your life, and recyclable Hurley for your pooch. And when it’s time to get down to business, EcoAnimal carries biodegradable poop scoops and cat litter box liners.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Greener Gadgets Design Competition


O.K., you may question whether a green gadget even exists. Each year planned obsolescence, innovation, fashion and the massive corporate marketing machine all push billions of units of ‘old’ PDA’s, cellphones, MP3 players, video games and associated tech-junk into the landfill. Be that as it may, gadgets are only growing in both popularity and ubiquity, thus it’s become imperative to design, manufacture…and yes shop for them, with their green quotient in mind.

Core77 is conducting a green design competition to coincide with the Greener Gadgets Conference at the McGraw-Hill Conference Center in NYC. The one day conference is on Feb. 1.

Entries for the design competition opened on 12/26/07 and run through 1/27/08. There’s a $2,500 first prize and two $1,000 runner-up awards. Designs will be judged on innovation, clarity of design, originality, form, presentation…and of course green-ness.

Just remember to either give your “old gadget” to someone who will use it, or recycle it properly.


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Bottled Up Jewelry

BU1.jpg BU2.jpg

If you’re looking for unique jewelry, check out Bottled Up’s designs. This line of jewelry is made from reclaimed antique glass jars and bottles that have been lying around in the Pennsylvania farmland amongst animals which may be harmed by the broken glass. What’s more, the designs are very unique and affordable. You won’t find any such designs anywhere else!

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a mixed bag of green news


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