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Mod to Modern: Handmade Wool Sweaters


For a truly one-of-a-kind fashion statement, check out Mod to Modern: Recycled Wool Sweaters. Though her eco-friendly fabric sources are a closely guarded secret, Vancouver-based creator Michelle Bergeron-Mok states, “I source and deconstruct the materials myself and the cutting, tailoring and finishing is all done by hand.” The site details measurements, including the stretching capacity, of each sweater. No two sweaters are alike, but all are high quality, warm, and snuggly. My favorites are Smokey Argyle and Winter Lilac, ($138/ea, USD).

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Help Prevent and Treat Your Dog’s Joint Pain

arthroaid_1.jpgAustin, TX based Olive has made it their mission to be the internet’s largest purveyor of healthful, eco-friendly and sustainable products for our furry bff’s – dogs. Olive features many fashionable and sustainable products for dogs, ranging from chew toys to beds to hair-care products; but of particular interest to me are products and supplements that address a problem facing many of today’s canines, hip and joint pain. As dogs live longer, get bigger and are bred for traits other than hip and joint health, the issue of arthritic pain and hip dysplasia grows.

seamob_ven_M_1.jpgOlive carries several products to treat this affliction in a healthy manner. I’ve listed just a few:

  • Athro -Aid – all-natural, tasty, anti-inflammatory and bone building chewable tablets. – 100 tablets for $19.99
  • Sea Mobility – venison jerky chew that’s loaded with chondroitin, glucosamine and more… – $13.99 for 9 strips
  • JointMob_M_01_1.jpgWholistic Joint Mobility – all-organic human grade supplement loaded with vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and natural substances designed to lube those joints – 8 ozs for $20

Checkout these and a wide variety of other great green doggie products @

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TechForward – gadget buyback service

Design advances and the voracious nature of our consumer culture can make devices and gadgets seem obsolete almost before you open the box. Here’s an opportunity for those who are purchasing, or own, an iPod or laptop they know they’re going to replace. TechForward, a privately held California company, will provide you a guaranteed opportunity to get money back on qualifying, outdated gadgets and computers by charging you a small one-time fee at purchase or during the life-cycle of the device.

When you want to upgrade your gadget and you’ve paid your fee to TechForward just contact them through your account on their website or via phone and they will send you free packaging materials. After verifying your device is in ‘good’ condition they send you the buy-back amount in the form of a check or gift card. If your device is in poor shape you get less, if it’s in excellent shape you get a 10% bonus. They ultimately re-use or recycle the device keeping it out of the landfill. They’re currently working with California retailers and Amazon.

TechForward faq

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