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From two islands, worlds apart, Claudia Brahms (Ireland) and Noel Mount (New York City) came together in Maine, and began to weave American yarns into luxurious textiles. They design and weave blankets, throws, pillow covers and tote bags from all natural cotton, linen and alpaca blends, and use Crompton and Knowles looms that date back to the 1940’s.

BrMt3.jpgStargazer (L) woven in their own small mill in Maine, is a throw comprised of cotton, Alpaca and merino wool. Cliff House (R), a personal day blanket is half cotton, half linen. With each blanket or throw purchase, you can also receive a linen journal with 40 pages of hand-made paper, for only $5.

Visit for more info, and take a peek at their personal art gallery, as well. (another green granny find!)